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Crypto-Systems offers tailored, algorithmic solutions for trading digital assets. We are class leaders in integration to a wide range of execution venues  worldwide



Crypto-Systems was founded in 2015 to enhance access to digital assets for institutional clients. The firm offers a range of services, based upon intelligent trading and pricing algorithms that reach up to 30 high-volume exchanges worldwide:

* Crypto-Systems, LLC is registered with FinCEN as a Money Services Business, and the New Jersey Division of Banking and Insurance as a Money Transmitter





Dr. Sokasian has been developing computer driven trading models across a range of assets since 2001. Prior to his role at Crypto-Systems, he was the co-founder of Tachyon Capital Management which successfully developed and implemented algorithmic strategies for the equities markets. Dr. Sokasian started his career as a Co-Founder and CEO of Financial Labs, and upon Bank of America’s acquisition of the company, he served as the bank's Head of Quantitative Strategies for FX, and later, Interest Rates. At Bank of America, he led the development of FX algorithmic trading and risk systems for the bank's client platform.  Dr. Sokasian earned a B.S. in Astrophysics from Cornell University and received his Ph.D. from Harvard University in the field of Computational Astrophysics.



Dr. Harvey has worked on the cutting edge of quantitative and algorithmic trading strategies since 2003, and is a leading member of the Crypto-Systems research and development team. He started his career as a senior member of the quantitative analysis team at Financial Labs, and continued in that role upon Bank of America’s acquisition of the company. At Bank of America, he developed and oversaw the implementation of a new pricing algorithm that was a key component of the bank's heavily-upgraded client platform. Dr. Harvey graduated from Oxford University (UK) where he earned an undergraduate Master’s degree in Physics, graduating in the First class. He later received his Ph.D. from Harvard University in the field of Stellar Astrophysics.s.




Dr. Tustin is a member of the Crypto-Systems research and development team. Formerly, he was a founding member of Financial Labs, where he created proprietary FX trading models and infrastructure. After Financial Labs was purchased by Bank of America, he developed algorithms to manage risk in the bank’s global FX client platform. Dr. Tustin earned an undergraduate B.S. in physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and an M.A. in Astronomy from Harvard University. In addition to his work in quantitative finance, Dr. Tustin is a physician and public health expert with an M.D. degree from Vanderbilt University and an M.P.H. from Johns Hopkins.



The founding members of Crypto-Systems met while pursuing their doctorates at Harvard University in 1998. Since completing their degrees, they have worked together through a series of ventures, creating algorithmically-driven, automated trading systems across a range of different asset classes.

Founders meet at Harvard University while pursuing doctorates



Financial Labs is formed to provide a scientific approach to Foreign Exchange trading

Bank of America acquires Financial Labs to rebuild the bank's FX market-making & risk-management platforms



Tachyon Capital Management is formed to apply quantitative trading strategies to US Equities

Crypto-Systems is formed to provide an algorithmic approach to digital assets



First buy-side client on Electronic Brokering Services (EBS), executing volumes approaching $1 Billion per day




Crypto-Systems offers managed execution services, giving institutional clients access to over 40 of the highest liquidity digital asset exchanges around the world. Our algorithms can be customized to suit your needs for speed of execution versus minimizing market-impact.


Crypto-Systems offers tailored market-making services to platforms for digital assets to provide deep and stable liquidity on an around-the-clock basis. Daily reporting with detailed statistical analysis provide insight and transparency into flow characteristics.


Crypto-Systems offers consulting services for firms to add market value and increase profitability, using statistical analysis to identify and address areas of weakness, and offering sophisticated solutions for risk-management, hedging strategies, and execution.



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